Whether you’re rocking those ’90s double buns or finally giving in to some glitter roots, there’s no denying that wacky hairstyles are definitely having their moment in 2016. The latest to flood our feeds this summer? Hair stencils. Yup, you heard right! From emoji-printed tresses to geometric ‘dos, the possibilities for this spray-on hair trend are endless. Just remember to be super generous when it comes to piling on the color. Scroll through these 10 Insta-worthy stenciled styles and find the *perf* look for your next summer festival.

1. Geometric: While festivals and boho style do seem like a match made in heaven, you’ve always been one to think outside of the box. Try taking a modern approach to your outdoor concert look by skipping the classic florals and opting for a sharp, geometric design. This look will definitely turn some heads.

2. Florals: Step aside, flower crowns! Stenciled hair is taking floral touches to a whole other level. Give your lush locks the ultimate bohemian flair with painted garlands that channel your nature-loving vibes.

3. Roots: This year is all about styling your roots. Take your decorated roots obsession up a notch by trading in your glittery or rainbow locks for a more stylized, eye-catching design (using stencils, of course).

4. Phoenix: Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, you’re a firm believer in new beginnings — and your hair is no exception. Celebrate a summer of bold style choices with a meaningful bird design that shows you’re the queen of reinvention.

5. Short Hair: Among the many benefits of short hair, like keeping you cool and giving you a no-fuss style, less hair can also leave a lot of room for creativity. Get ready to douse your cropped cut with heaps of intricate designs and color.

6. Clouds: Why not paint yourself a pretty picture? Turn your mermaid-inspired tresses into your next work of art by adding on cute cartoon clouds. They’ll give your already swoon-worthy locks a playful touch.

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7. Emoji: Emoji are life! Wear your adorable icon addiction with pride by stenciling on a seriously funky look. It’s a great way for your friends to spot you in that packed festival crowd.

8. Cotton Candy: One should never shy away from playing up the pastels. Opt for soft, cotton-candy-colored tones to bring a sweet, whimsical appeal to your tresses.

9. Floral Branches: Just because you’re rocking a wacky hairstyle doesn’t mean it can’t look romantic AF. Give your hair a serene aesthetic by taking a more scenic approach to your floral detailing.

10. Dimension: Okay, so you’ve just achieved that covetable jewel-tone color. Now what? Give your vibrant ‘do a bit of depth by bringing in some fade-in designs and use warm tones to give your look that extra wow factor.

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