With every new season comes new hair trends, but also some oldies too. Like how long, sweepy ‘70s fringe is having a major moment right now right alongside ‘40s glamorous barrel waves. Lately, we’ve been seeing another throwback hairstyle trending in our Instagram feeds, and it’s so totally ‘90s: the double bun. Yep, the look that Gwen Stefani made famous back in the day has found its way back into the mainstream, and we’re flat-out obsessed. Not just because we heart everything from that decade either; the look is really versatile. It’s a great step away from the expected if you need to put a twist on your date-night look, but isn’t too out there or too much effort for your daily routine. Plus, it pretty much looks good on anyone willing to give it a shot. No matter what your hair type or your sense of style, you can find love in this look. Here are 12 Instababes who’ll get you swooning.


1. @danielleeverdell: If you’re all about embracing your sweeter side, this is your time to shine. Double buns add instant cuteness to any style, especially paired with glowing skin a bright lip color and a too-cute crop top. (Photo via @danielleeverdell)


2. @shibuyacatastrophe: This might be our new favorite way to style pastel hair. We also <3 how ‘Grammer Lena styled her double buns by wrapping pieces of her hair around each hair tie to give a super monochrome look to her ‘do. (Photo via @shinuyacatastrophe)


3. @sophiehuynh: If the half-top knot has been your go-to lazy girl hairstyle, it might be time to try this ‘do when you’re minutes away from walking out the door. With or without bangs, toss up this messy style that’s still pretty enough to pass at the office (with a pretty peach lip) or on date night with a smokin’ LBD. (Photo via @sophiehuynh)


4. @arianagrande: Ariana Grande varies the double bun look by braiding her hair before putting it up and by pairing it with a half-up style (could this signal a new signature look? RIP high pony). To copy the singer’s version, part your hair horizontally so that half of it is left loose, then split the top half of your hair vertically in half, clipping one side. Take the section you’re working with and braid it neatly, swirling the final braid and pinning it. Do the same on the other side.


5. @itsmerayeraye: A pop of color on the tip of each bun gives this hairstyle major personality. So much so that, like beauty master Raye, you can go pretty minimal on your makeup look — chic nude lip, simply lined eyes, eyebrows on fleek. A tattoo choker doesn’t hurt to up the cool points (and ‘90s vibes) either. (Photo via @itsmerayeraye)


6. @_goalsz_: We don’t know who the mystery lady is behind (or should we say, in front of?) this hairstyle, but two things: 1) This is a pretty awesome way to show off that undercut and 2) an AMAZING excuse to put glitter in your hair. (Photo via @_goalsz_)


7. @chisnaturale: Double buns are a gorgeous way to show off your natural texture. The babe in this selfie opted to keep her buns super tight and spherical and let her tight curls bring the drama to this sleek style that’s perfect for weekend of chilling when it’s paired with dainty, ‘90s-inspired accessories and a super soft tee, or could be easily dressed up with a bold lip and a floor-length dress for your bestie’s wedding. (Photo via @chisnaturale)


8. @amandlastenberg: Trailblazer and all-around life icon Amandla is about being true to herself no matter what, so when she does something new with her sense of style we’re always on board to check it out. We love the little curls visible in her double buns and the fact that she styles them lower, which creates a more relaxed look perfect for running errands or hanging out. (Photo via @amandlastenberg)


9. @ashleyswagnerxo: Trendy ladies, unite. Be one step ahead of the curve by styling your hair in a modern version of Princess Leia buns. Let stray tendrils swirl past your ears to add some softness to the look — it’s an on-purpose imperfection like that that makes this hair look badass instead of costume-y. Beyond the buns, can we talk about how amazing this top is?! (Photo via @ashleyswagnerxo)


10. @morganantush: Our two favorite things about the way Morgan went about this look are the texture of her hair and the combination of the double buns with the half up, half down style. The messy vibe makes us feel totally free and makes it great for throwing together before going to brunch with the gals. (Photo via @morganantush)


11. @creationsalanikki: We’ve sung the praises of hair chalk before — mainly because it’s a fun, cheap, easy and impermanent way to change up any ‘do. Rocked the double bun before? We bet not like this: With blue hair chalk on the part, pink on the buns and orange on the tips wrapped around each tuft. Switch up the colors to match your #OOTD, or use your favorite sports team’s colors the next time you cheer them on. (Photo via @creationsalanikki)


12. @jskstudio_official: This stunning photo strikes so many chords with the hair/design/minimalist/plant lovers in us. While this snap is clearly more about composition than it is about the hair style, we like the idea of adding a little greenery to a pair of basic top knots. (Photo via @jskstudio_official)

Have you given double buns a try? Tell us how you make the look your own in the comments!