It’s fun to stand out and show off who you are with new beauty and hair trends, right? Whether you’ve just stepped out of the salon with freshly dyed hypercolor hair so bright that everyone you walk past does a double take or you’re rocking a super dark lipstick shade that’s a far cry from your average pink, it’s great to experiment with bold looks. A new hair trend just took this concept to the next very sparkly level.


Glitter roots are for people that want to be *seen* — or for those lazy girls who want to camouflage their roots in a fun way. The concept is super simple and easy to DIY at home: You just need glitter and some hair pomade. Dab the pomade on your roots and then pat the glitter on top. We love the way it looks here on slicked-back hair and how it makes a part straight down the middle look so intriguing, but we might experiment with the glitz on a sleek side part or even on an undercut.


Note that this stuff is difficult to get out, so don’t plan on taking your family Christmas card photo the morning after wearing glitter roots. Use a clarifying shampoo and wash your hair thoroughly two or three times and you should be good to go and glitter-free. It’ll all be worth it though — promise!


Are you a fan of glitter roots? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

(h/t Popsugar; featured photo via @icesalonspa; photos via @fembotfaye_ + @icesalonspa + @andreafrisk )