Forget the Halloween inflatables and leaf wreaths — this house’s musical light show trumps ALL decorations. Neighbor-duo Nick Thomas, 60, and Steve Jandick, 25, have partnered up for the past 15 years to decorate the Thomas’ home with a light display choreographed to classic Halloween hits and pop culture tunes. The results are truly showstopping.

According to Today, Thomas takes care of the lawn decorations while Jandick handles the light displays with some help from the animated light show software Lightorama. Since snippets of the show have been uploaded to YouTube on September 30th, these displays have gone viral — because they. Are. AWESOME.

1. Michael Jackson, “Thriller”: There’s no denying it — that iconic howl and those sick beats bring out the inner zombie in all of us. Go on, shrug those shoulders and crick your necks!

2. Queen, “Bohemian Rhapsody”: Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Oh, it just got real. SO REAL.

3. Lady Gaga, “Poker Face”: Oh my-my-my-my! One of our fave Halloween costume inspo muses comes to life in lights — we love it.

The show’s 30-song set runs on weekdays from dusk until 9:30 pm, and on weekends until 10:30 pm. Last year, the first year they ran the lights with music, thousands of people flocked to the site (and sounds) of this duo’s incredible display. While most neighbors enjoyed the decor (duh), Jandick admits that one family does take a vacation to Florida every Halloween. (We’d take a mini-vacay to Illinois just to see it in person!)

During his college years, Jandick made it a point to come home on the weekends to work with Thomas on set-up. Jandick now only lives 10 miles away and plans the setup with Thomas all year long. “I’m already picking out songs for next year,” he said. Um, we can’t wait!

Is this the coolest Halloween house on the block or what? Know of one even more creative that we need to see (maybe yours ?!)? Share it with us below!