Between the pop culturally relevant costumes and spooktacular snacks, your Halloween monster mash is gonna be a graveyard smash. Just make sure you’re not neglecting the scenery by leaving your walls untouched. After all, a haunted house is distinctly less haunted when there are happy family portraits everywhere. We’ve unearthed some ideas, from printable DIY projects to limited works of art, that will creepify your walls without sacrificing great style.

1. DIY Framed Halloween Silhouettes: For the Halloween enthusiast who doesn’t want to sully a beautiful home with cheap store-bought decorations, we love this quickly-assembled gallery wall. All you need are a few cheap frames, a can of spray paint and a printer to put these silhouettes on display. (via NoBiggie)

2. Black Orange Watercolor ($1,095): Alright, so this is like real art. So there’s no need to pack away the decorations after all the trick or treating. This framed giclée print will look gorgeous year round.

3. Skeleton Supermodel 10-Plate Installation ($580): Whoa. Now this is what we call bone china. This is a life-size installation, complete with invisible wall hanging hooks. Bonus: When the holiday is over you can continue to spook your dinner guests as they scrape their plates. If that price has you staggering, we’re guessing you could do something similar with some creative decoupaging.

4. DIY Reclaimed Wood Pumpkin: First pies, then lattes, then every other food and now — reclaimed wood. Is there anything pumpkins can’t make more amazing? (via Beyond the Picket Fence)

5. Vinyl Bats Spiral Wall Decal ($50): There’s a reason Batman was so afraid of these! The best part about these pre-arranged decorations is that you can choose from a whole wheel of colors to brighten up your wall.

6. Printable Wall of Bats: Then again, since we know you’re the hands-on type, you can also put in a little extra elbow grease to print out these free bats for a 3D effect. (via The Tom Kat Studio)

7. It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Poster ($65): Good grief! This adorable poster pays tribute to one of the best Halloween movies ever and shows great sincerity. And we all know the Great Pumpkin respects sincerity.

8. DIY Specimen Boxes: A box full of body parts is even creepier than the ol’ peeled grapes in a bowl trick. It’s really just a bunch of plastic toys, but with some dim lights and dry ice, you’ll have one seriously haunted house. (via Woman’s Day)

9. Framed Snake Head Print ($149): Eek! West Elm’s x-ray snake print is striking on its own, but if you want to really freak out your guests, make sure you get the bone-crushing mid-section and rattler tail pieces, too.

10. Bronze on Oil Slick Skulls Wallpaper ($353 per roll): There’s something a little mysterious about velvet wallpaper to begin with, but this skull and crossbones pattern really puts the “trick” in trick or treat. The colors are an optical illusion, changing in the light and as you walk by!

11. 3D Skull Print ($17): Hang this trippy skull print for even more trickery in your house of horrors.

12. Hand-Painted Faux Deer Skull ($90): We’re sure you have a beautiful work of art hanging above the mantelpiece all year round, but it’s so worth taking down for the month of October when you have a macabre pair of antlers like this.

13. Day of the Dead Wallpaper ($180 per roll): Who says Halloween has to be just black and orange? Dia de los Muertos is a much more colorful holiday, as seen in this beautiful wallpaper, which features intricate sugar masks without being too grim for the rest of the year.

14. DIY Day of the Dead Silhouettes: If wallpaper is too much of a commitment, you can still add a touch of the Mexican holiday by cutting out your own masks. We love the way they jazz up this stylish bar area at a party. (via Catch my Party)

15. DIY Potato Painted Skulls: Po-tay-toes. Boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew, and now… use them to paint patterns, perfect for framing. This spooky skull looks so simple to carve. We think jack-o’-lanterns, cats and candy corn would be handy too. (via Skip to my Lou)

16. Halloween Bathroom Signs ($20): Anyone who’s eaten an entire pillowcase full of candy knows the importance of brushing.

17. Jess The Black and White Cat ($32): Bad luck? Boo! We refuse to believe that superstition applies to such a cutie.

Which pieces of Halloween art would you like to DIY and which are you planning to buy? Let us know in the comments!