You know when you see something and you think, how has this not existed before?! That is exactly how we felt the moment we saw The Hanger Chair, created by Philippe Malouin for Umbra Shift.

First off, we’ve got a thing for unusual chairs. We love the modern dining ones, the mid-century ones, the color-dipped folding ones and more. The thing is, they tend to take up way too much room when they’re not being used. Especially if, like us, you live in a city and are constantly on the hunt for the newest way to make use of your small space.

So why not combine the beauty and portability of a folding chair with… a hanger?! Genius. Simply genius.

And don’t worry, your precious closet space isn’t totally at risk with this chair. When the hanger chair is not in use, it actually acts as a hanger, storing clothes in an orderly fashion just like a regular old hanger. The heft of it makes it particularly good for heavy formal dresses, jackets and the like.

Peep the video below to check out more behind the scenes to the Hanger Chair as it actually goes into production with Umbra Shift.

We’re officially crushing hard on the Hanger Chair. We will let you know as soon as it hits the market!

How do you make the most of your small space? Would you be into a folding chair that doubles as a hanger?

(h/t FastCo.Design + Dezeen)