When it comes to the home, it should be no surprise that we’re all about modern design and comfort. Oh, and COLOR of course! That’s why when we started scouting out locations for shooting interiors for our book, we were delighted to be able to partner with Airbnb to hand-select two beautiful San Francisco homes to feature.

While on location, we couldn’t help but immerse ourselves in the personality of each place. That’s part of what makes Airbnb such an unusual (and awesome!) travel option — every place you stay offers a completely unique experience, designed by the person whose house you are staying in, and it can be pretty creatively inspiring. As part of Airbnb’s Views campaign, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to turn this inspiration into action.

Behold, the subtle skill of mixing and matching your dining chairs to well-designed perfection.

As you can see, the view from this dining table ain’t too shabby either! Like our Patterned Pillows post, the photos above were both taken at this Ocean Beach condo that sits almost on top of the ocean. This Airbnb home was just so dreamy! While we can’t help you DIY an ocean view, we can help you find an assortment of chairs to add a little more personality and pizzazz to your place. Now let’s get to it!

1. Stockholm Chair, Green ($119): First up, this kelly green glory! We love the modern design and clean lines on this chair.

2. Nisse Orange Folding Chair ($13): If you love to host as much as we do, then you likely need a folding chair (or four!) on hand.

3. Eames Molded Plastic Side Chair, Aqua ($319): It’s a pricey option, but its iconic shape will never go out of style.

4. Flint Yellow Barstools ($119-$129): To mix things up in terms of shape, barstools are another great option.

5. Mallorca Metal Grey and White Side Chair ($149): We love how the back of this chair is reminiscent of old school wicker, but with a much more modern approach.

6. Trendig 2013 Red Chair ($59): Now that is a bold red chair if I’ve ever seen one! Part of IKEA’s Trendig 2013 collection, we love the quirky curves and lines on this chair.

7. Eames Molded Fiberglass Side Chair ($499): More Eames? Yes please :)

8. Turquoise Folding Chair ($11): We saw quite a few of these lovely folding chairs at Re:Make Austin this weekend — they manage to be stylish and utilitarian all at the same time!

9. Visu Chair with Wood Base ($396): We love the combination of soft fabric and natural wood on this chair. These would also make great chairs for a conference room or co-working space.

10. Spare Folding Chair ($50): Another folding chair! This time, a more subtle navy hue.

11. Vienna Mint Side Chair ($109): Next up, a cafe-inspired metal chair in one of our favorite colors ever: mint.

12. Lucinda Orange Stacking Chair ($70): This stacking option is great if you don’t have a permanent dining table and need to keep extra chairs on hand for bigger dinner parties.

13. Eames Molded Fiberglass Dowel-Leg Armchair ($628): One more Eames option, because how can we not?

14. Stick Around Side Chair ($299): How funny is this chair? It looks like something that would exist in a Dr. Seuss book.

15. Louis Ghost Chair ($410): So does this! This modern art chair is sort of an acquired taste.

16. Vapor Neon Chair ($179): Love the sort of ombre tone in this chair that changes from orange to coral.

17. Scoop-Back Chair ($79): This dining classic would look right at home in any modern apartment.

18. Rex Aqua Dining Chair ($59): See? Wicker can be cool.

19. IKEA PS 2012 Armchair ($85): Another chair from IKEA’s Trendig line, this would also be great in a hobby space or craft room.

20. Rhodes Metal Dining Chair ($99): That lime green is kind of the bee’s knees, and reminds us of one of the chairs seen in the Airbnb location above!

Bonus! Dylan Bench ($249): Finally, a bench! Though this isn’t exactly a dining chair, we had to include it as an option for squeezing all your friends and family at one table.

What do your dining chairs look like? Do you mix and match? How does your dining room reflect your personality and perspective? Talk to us in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with Airbnb. Book a room with Airbnb and get a unique view of the world.