When prepping for a party, you want to plan out and decorate every aspect of the room. But let’s face it, that is pretty darn hard to do on a budget! Color blocking is an easy way to revamp old chairs to match your decor. Best of all, if you go with something simple like a color dip, you’ll be happy to have them around the house for more than just a party. Follow along to see this hostess hack come to life — all you need is 30 minutes and a set of chairs!


– folding chairs (we got ours on Amazon)

– white spray paint

– various colors of spray paint

– painter’s tape

 – spray paint mask


1. Paint the chair white, or whatever base color you like.

2. Use painter’s tape to section off the bottom half of the chair.

3. Pick another color of paint and spray away!

We had extra wooden folding chairs laying around so we decided they would be the perfect candidate for our color blocked fiesta party.

Our first step was spray painting the chair white, for a cleaner look. Feel free to use the original color of your chair or a fun bright bold color! Note: It takes a lot of spray paint to cover a chair, make sure you wear a mask so you don’t breathe in harmful fumes.

Tape off the bottom half of the chair. Our tape line was about one foot from the bottom of the legs. No need to tape off each chair the same — you can mix and match to create different levels on each leg if you like.

Spray those legs! Coral will definitely give these chairs va va voom.

You know the drill. Peel the tape away and place these chairs at your table.

Chair, why so lonely? Time to make you some friends.

Look at those colors! Pull in complementary colors from your color scheme to achieve a dramatic and ridiculously (you guessed it) colorful effect.

Check out how these colorful chairs can add a subtle pop of color to your dining table in this Fiesta Party How-To Video, part of our Clean Happy Series with Method.

What party decor hacks do you swear by? Talk to us in the comments below.