You know what’s awesome about fall and winter? Big hefty headphones totally double as ear muffs! Okay, maybe they are more like ear covers, but still… ;) Naturally, we decided to seek out new and different ways to hack our headphones to suit our style. The results? These 7 tutorials on how to trick ’em out!

1. Embroidered Headphones: How beautiful are these? Seriously. This project shows you how to add a bit of texture and personality to the headband part of your headphones using simple embroidery techniques. (via Sweet Paul Mag)

2. LEGO Headphones: These take the whole trick out thing to the next level. They are a pair of totally handmade LEGO headphones. (via Instructables)

3. Ear Muff Headphones: Okay technically, we’re turning ear muffs into headphones with this one. Take a pair of earbuds and sew them right into a pair of ear muffs. It’s as easy as that! Cover the earbuds with felt and you’re good to go. (via Brit + Co.)

4. Studded Headphones: With a little E-6000 glue and a handful of studs, you could easily create a pair like this with headphones you already have. (via Ketchupize on Etsy)

5. Sparkly Headphones and Mic: Calling all bedazzlers to the stage! This might be a little too much sparkle, but would be an awesome hack if you’re moonlighting as a DJ or hitting up a silent disco in the near future. (via Ashallan)

6. Crocheted Headphone Covers: These cozy covers are great for adding a bit of knitted style to your jams.(via Gold is what Glitters)

7. Spiked Ear Muff Headphones: And last, it’s got studs, it’s got fur, and it’s headphones?! So awesome. (via Fashioning Tech)

Do you rock headphones or earbuds? Would you trick them out? Talk to us in the comments below.