For today’s style post, we’re bringing it back to DIY basics. Every gal’s got a pair of go-to silver hoops, but sometimes you want a little something more. Maybe you want more color, a bit of texture, or even a little bit of fringe. Well, it turns out that it’s darn easy to trick out your old hoops, armed with a few materials and a touch of ingenuity. Best of all, each of these hoop hacks takes less than 10 minutes to create.

 – silver hoops

– nail polish

– fabric

– washi tape

– chain

– embroidery floss

– suede

– spandex

– hex nuts

– spray paint

We used a variety of different sized hoops. If you don’t have any, try places like Forever 21, Claire’s, or H&M.

1. Nail Polish: In this one, we transform our hoops into bright orange earrings. So fun!

Simply paint your hoops just like you’d paint your nails. Do two coats, let dry, and you’ve got a cool plastic-like coating that’s oh-so-bright.

2. Washi Tape: This one is almost too easy to include, but it’s a fun way to add a pattern to your look.

Wrap washi tape around your hoops. That’s it!

3. Fringe Tassels: This hack on fringe is so easy to customize depending on your outfit or general color palette.

Cut thin pieces of suede and loop them around each hoop. We did four pieces per hoop. Love the combination of deep teal and gold!

4. Hot Orange Hex Nuts: We’re bringing back the hex nut!

Spray paint a few hex nuts orange and loop them onto your hoops. We went with an orange-silver-orange-silver pattern.

5. Braided Embroidery Floss: For a twist of a few different colors, it’s all about the embroidery floss.

Braid a piece of embroidery floss and then wrap around your hoop. Start wrapping with a bit of glue and use glue to secure at the end.

6. Dreamcatcher: Oooh, dreamweaver, I believe we can make it through the ni-iiight.

To create dreamcatcher hoops, start by tying a piece of embroidery floss around your hoop. Loop in and out and criss cross as many times as you like. For a way more detailed how-to on dreamcatchers, head here.

7. Spandex Wrap: Nothing like spandex to add a pop of neon color to your outfit or your hoops.

The how to for this is much the same as the braided embroidery floss. Glue a piece of spandex at one end of your hoop and wrap!

8. Back on the Chain Gang: Ok, this isn’t exactly a pair of earrings for a jailbird, but we love any reference to Fleetwood Mac we can make.

For this one, take lengths of chain and simply string onto your hoops. If your chain is too small to fit on the hoops, add a cord end and then loop on.

9. Dipped Fabric: When we made this, we wanted to create a pair of earrings that looked like it was dipped in fabric. The results? Downright dotty!

Trace your earring onto a piece of fabric. Cut out the fabric and glue onto the back of your earring. So cute!

Which of these tricked out hoops is your favorite? Talk to us in the comments below!