Every so often we come across something new in the 3D printed world that is so our jam, we just have to write an entire post about it! Today’s case in point? Hot Pop 3D Printed Jewelry.

Sure, we’ve seen 3D printed jewelry before. Shapeways has a ton of makers who are peddling their wares on a daily basis, and there are lots of templates online for printing your own gorgeous pieces. But it’s still something that seems more novel than chic. That is, until we stumbled upon Hot Pop Factory!

They’ve created a collection of pieces that imitate patterns and textures found in nature, using a Makerbot Replicator to print every piece. After each piece is printed, it is put together by hand, making every single piece totally unique.

Here are 8 of our favorite pieces from the Hot Pop collection.

1. Peaque Necklace ($62): Inspired by topography, this sort of honeycomb-like pendant involves two intersecting chains and took 62 minutes to print.

2. Platonix Type I Necklace ($72): This sort looks like a bunch of triangles having a dance party. It reminds us of some of those doodles rendered during long afternoon meetings.

3. Spearhead Necklace ($42): How cool are these spearheads? They’re made of 2 pieces that interlock with colorful silky rope cord acting as the chain.

4. Platonix Bracelet ($74): This hot little bracelet is made out of 3D printed nylon – so cool! We wonder just how stretchy it is.

5. Boreal Gold Necklace ($92): That’s right – 3D printed woodgrain! These beautiful pieces are definitely what caught our eye when we came across Hot Pop.

6. Platonix Type II Necklace ($70): Remember learning how easy it was to draw a 3D cube? This is sort of like those drawings come to life.

7. Mesa Ring ($34): We’re loving the stalagmite-like structure and texture on the Mesa ring. We’d love to see it in a color block variety.

8. Kilf Earrings ($34): Last, a pair of earrings that almost look like they were made in a miniature waffle iron. So cute.

Also, how cool is their 3D-inspired lookbook? We love the sort of robotic angles in these photos.

What do you think of the 3D printing trend? Think it translates to high fashion? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.