We鈥檝e been over this time and time again: It鈥檚 super easy to fall prey to hackers online. Whether they鈥檙e going after your passwords or credit cards, it鈥檚 amazing how easily your information can fall into the wrong hands. There鈥檚 a new super scary technique out there that hackers can use to get your credit card information in only six seconds. Basically, a computer will try hundreds of different expiration dates and CVV security numbers until it lands upon the right one.

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But here鈥檚 the thing: It鈥檚 super hard to protect yourself against this type of attack because the solution to the problem lies with the online retailers鈥 form of payment processing. Although, Mastercard owners are better protected against this sort of attack than Visa owners. A Mastercard will automatically shut down a card once 100 wrong combinations have been tried.

But it never hurts to be extra cautious with your credit card information online. Make sure you鈥檙e only entering your information into sites that start with 鈥渉ttps.鈥 That 鈥渟鈥 means secure, and it will help you guard your info more closely. Keep an eye on your statements and don鈥檛 save your information on your browser鈥檚 autofill (no matter how tempting it may be).

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(h/t TechCrunch; photo via Getty)