There are few things as challenging as a long-distance relationship. No matter how many chocolate chip cookies you indulge in or fun polka dot dresses you buy, you still spend most of your time glued to your smartphone waiting for a call or text that will make you feel closer. We get it. We’ve been there. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Pillow Talk by Little Riot is a gadget that may be the convenient alternative you’ve been looking for.


Pillow Talk aims to connect couples in long-distance relationships in a way that smartphones never could. Each partner wears a Pillow Talk wristband and places a small speaker inside their pillow case. The wristband is designed to pick up the person’s real-time heartbeat, which is then transferred to the speaker in the other person’s pillow via the Pillow Talk app. Connecting to your loved one becomes as simple as placing your head on your pillow. Talk about a novel way to feel the love.

Pillow Talk

Whether you find it comforting or creepy, there is something refreshing about a gadget which forces us to disconnect from our phones. And while it may not be the kind of pillow talk you’re after, it’s one way to feel your significant other’s presence.

Joanna Montgomery created the product while studying Digital Interaction Design at Dundee University. It began as a university project and quickly went viral after being featured on Gizmodo. Montgomery’s aim was to create something that challenged the way we use technology to communicate. Pillow Talk currently isn’t available for purchase, but Montgomery expects to launch it on Kickstarter soon. With over 43,000 Facebook fans and more than 1,000 Twitter fans, it seems there’s no shortage of lovers looking for some digital pillow talk.


What do you think of Pillow Talk? Would a gadget like this make your long-distance relationship easier? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.