It鈥檚 no secret that personality tests can help you in pretty unexpected ways 鈥 but did you ever think about the implications that assessments like Myers-Briggs have on your dating life? In addition to relationship-oriented tests like the Five Love Languages, knowing as much as you can about yourself can help you be your best self for the one you love. When it comes to being an extrovert or introvert, this knowledge is more relevant than ever, because the way you spend your social energy has huge implications for your relationship. Alli Owen, a life coach, has some tips for helping you navigate a relationship with an introverted person as an extrovert. But Alli isn鈥檛 just a life coach; she鈥檚 an extrovert married to an introvert! Read on to discover her tips for making the most out of this type of relationship.

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1. Give them space. Technically, the difference between introverts and extroverts lies in where they get their energy. Introverts feel more energized after spending time alone doing activities such as reading, creating, or simply spending time in their own space. Conversely, extroverts gain energy from being around people in social settings. This means that introverts naturally need more physical, mental, and emotional space than extroverts do. 鈥淥ften times, extroverts will try to 鈥榩ull the emotions out of鈥 the introvert, only leaving both parties frustrated,鈥 Owen said. 鈥淲hen in doubt, give them space.鈥

2. Don鈥檛 judge when they鈥檙e quiet. 鈥淭his was the hardest part for me to learn,鈥 Owen said. 鈥淚 always assumed when my husband was quiet he was silently fuming because that鈥檚 what I do when I鈥檓 quiet, but introverts process emotions differently.鈥 Owen explains that her husband processes most things internally, which means that his silence is actually a good thing. 鈥淗is silence is not a sign that he doesn鈥檛 care,鈥 she said. 鈥淚n fact, he cares so much that he is crafting a thoughtful response.鈥

3. Ask questions. We all know people who choose quality over quantity when it comes to their words. In general, introverts are very thoughtful about what they choose to say and when. However, sometimes they need a little prompting to let these feelings out. 鈥淚t鈥檚 important to only do this after the space has been given for the introvert to process,鈥 Owen says. 鈥淎sk questions like 鈥楬ow can I help you feel better?鈥 or 鈥榃ill you help me understand how you are feeling?鈥欌

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