Broken into four key quadrants, the Myers-Briggs personality test has proven to be a pretty reliable way to learn a lot about yourself. Results are especially useful in professional situations (employers love ’em!), where personality quizzes can reveal your dream career, help you maximize your creativity and communicate with your coworkers. But understanding what makes you tick can also help you make some exceptional life choices in the seven areas below.


1. Trying new things. One of the most obvious benefits of knowing your personality type is understanding how you learn. But the learning doesn’t have to stop when you leave school or the office! Use your self-knowledge about how you absorb info as power to enjoy whatever new thing you try, whether it’s crafting or coding. Purposely choose new activities and settings where you’ll flourish.

2. Discovering the perfect workout. The world of workouts is totally limitless. From CrossFit to Snowga and even YouTube videos you can do in your bed, there’s no shortage of fun ways to stay in shape. Do you fall on the extroverted side? A high-energy group sweat sesh is probably perfect for you. Love quality one-on-one time and ultra-personal interactions? A personal training appointment might knock your socks off. Whatever it is, use your results to choose an environment that motivates you to get moving!


3. Decorating and styling your home. Your home is a reflection of YOU, so it makes sense that how you spend time with others can have a major impact on your design style and interior arrangement. Extroverts are a match made in heaven for bright spaces meant for entertaining, while more introverted types are sure to appreciate a cozy book nook. Your results can majorly inspire your kitchen style as well.

4. Managing your money like a total pro. Consider your decision-making letter (feeling vs. thinking) when you think about how you manage your money. If you’re more of a thinker, you’re likely to objectively weigh the pros and cons of a financial commitment or purchase. If you’re more of a feeler, you might make emotional decisions. Pay attention to the organization section of your test results too. Are you a judger, who follows every rule? Or a perceiver who’s inclined to be spontaneous? See if there’s room to loosen the purse strings or cut back on unnecessary “in the moment” spending.

5. Finding love and romance. They’re not my type” has literally never been more true — finding the perfect partner for your personality is tough! Since compatibility is the ultimate key to any great relationship, use all of your results to understand what kind of person complements your personality. Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses. Are you an ISFJ who loves to nurture? An ESTJ who enjoys acting as a guardian? No matter, just know there’s someone out there who’s a great match for you.


6. Having the best friendships. Like romantic relationships, friendships are a super special bond that require real compatibility. Be smart about both hitting the town with your squad and making time to savor a cup of coffee with your BFF, ensuring you get your extroverted fun fix without burning out entirely. Handle disagreements and drama better too by communicating more effectively with your pals of every personality type. Knowing what resonates with them will make it much easier to show the love, undivided attention and care that they may need.

7. Excelling in all things career. Knowing how you work and communicate with others helps IMMENSELY at the office, so use all four quadrants to become a rockstar collaborator by playing to your strengths. You can also use your results to choose a specific job or career path. For example, ESFP types are said to make amazing actors and designers, while ENTJ personalities succeed as lawyers and researchers. Check out some suggested jobs for each of the 16 types to get an idea of what might work for you.

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