How's your Facebook timeline cover hacking going? If you haven't been inspired by our Celebrity Yearbook, Flipping Pancakes, or Soccer Header ideas, here's a fourth to try: Trapped in a Bubble. While we think it's especially appropriate for those starting companies in Silicon Valley (don't get the joke? click here for context), it's also a great way for a person in any industry to add some humor to their profile.

All you have to do is snap a pic of yourself against a white backdrop. Remember to make a shocked face — after all, you are trapped in a bubble under the sea! Once done, upload this image as your Facebook cover photo, and use the one of yourself as your profile pic. Ta-da! Your friends are sure to have a good laugh the next time they come stalk your page.

Stay tuned tomorrow for our 5th and final Facebook Timeline Cover Hack, as well as a wrap up of the full series.

What other ideas do you have for these cover hacks? Shoot us a note on Twitter, or leave a comment below.