From Gigi Hadid’s chokers to baby doll dresses and sneakers with dresses, it’s official: The ‘90s are fully trending. Another popular ‘90s trend that’s making a comeback this summer is the bustier dress. We love this look, because it’s lingerie dressing on the sly — basically a way to wear your underthings as going-out wear. Take a look at the celebs rockin’ the trend to learn how the bustier cups, combined with a more structured fabric, can really help you slay the lingerie style without looking totally tarted up.

Bella Hadid and Jessica Alba already gave the look a shot this summer — to great success. Here’s how their dresses add up to make magic: They’ve first started with the right cup size, which is fitted to their particular bodies. The dresses also have boning, especially Bella’s, to help structure and define the smallest part of every woman’s body, the area of ribs beneath her chest. Next, they’ve both chosen pastel colors traditionally used in lingerie, such as pale baby pink and an icy gray blue, to pay homage to boudoir dressing in a way that’s on-trend.

Following these key guidelines, both women look modern and pulled together without being sexy in a really flashy way, which is perfect for both a dressed-up date night or a summer wedding. To keep it from looking too Romy and Michele, pair a silky lingerie dress with the clean-lined pump or sandal of your choice (avoid heaping on another ‘90s trend like Mary Jane shoes, trust) and either a killer large necklace or unique drop earrings. Or, keep it really simple, like these celebs, and forgo all jewelry. Your confidence and smile will be sparkly enough!

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(Featured photo via Mark Sagliocco/Getty)