The world would be that much better if we could have a hair pro on call for emergencies like dryness, damage, or plain old frazzling. Well, now you do. Chad Kenyon, colorist to the stars and self-proclaimed “healthy hair nerd,” immersed himself in the business of hair strength as an Olaplex ambassador and has some sound advice for those experiencing breakage. “If my clients want to avoid dry, brittle hair – ensuring rich, vibrant color – the golden rule I share is to moisturize your hair each time you moisturize your face,” he advises. Dry hair oils should do the trick, coupled with the crucial steps below for optimum hair health.


1. Start in the shower. Stock your caddy with hydrating essentials that tout “moisturizing” or “replenishing” on the label to smooth frayed hair cuticles that cause brittleness. Use a concentrated mask like Orlando Pita’s Play Strong Bond Split End Sealant ($26) as needed and a more intensive treatment like Olaplex N°3 ($28) two to three times a week. “Apply Olaplex N°3 to towel-dried hair and leave it on for a minimum of 10 minutes,” says Kenyon. “I suggest that my clients leave it on for several hours or even all day and then shampoo/condition.”

2. Enlist styling products that strengthen. Styling fragile hair is a delicate dance. You want to achieve hold and definition without causing more damage. “Add a light texture that hydrates,” advises Kenyon. Hair oils can provide shine and moisture while also gently propping up a ‘do. Try Marc Anthony Strengthening Grow Long Anti-Breakage Oil ($8) or Kevin Murphy Young Again ($50). Bonus tip: “Put a dot of a dry oil on both thumbs and then dap oil on the ends of face-framer hairs,” Kenyon adds, because it helps when you want to grow ’em out.


3. Nix hair-raising bad habits. It may seem obvious but it’s important to consciously uncouple with your desire to pick split ends. Not only can the habit contribute to brittleness, but it can also hinder the healing phase. And avoid tight styles that may cause splintering (read: tight ponytails, buns, and fitted hats) and instead adopt healthier fixes. “Brushing your hair each night, like we see in older movies, exfoliates the scalp, ensuring that hair grows out stronger,” explains Kenyon. And of course, chug regular H2O to ensure that your hair and scalp are properly quenched. (Photo via Brit + Co)


4. Use accessories with extra give. If you simply can’t forgo your favorite updo, at least choose a fastener that won’t tear vulnerable strands. Try Sephora’s No-Tug Hair Ties ($5) that blend with your natural color. “Sometimes it’s necessary to use more than one for thicker ponytails,” recommends Kenyon.

heat styling

5. Cut down on heat styling. “Your biggest, scariest enemy, if you have brittle hair, is the flat iron,” says Kenyon. Given how trendy sleek styles are this fall, we get that you can’t ditch the tool cold turkey, but at least cut back and use a heat protection product like Cutler Specialist Protectant Spray ($24) before each session. (Photo via Brit + Co)

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