When it comes to that stubborn chin pimple or keeping her skin looking fresh, Dubai-based beauty blogger Huda Kattan (and founder of cult-fave beauty line Huda Beauty) has some pretty off-the-wall solutions. Kattan divulged some of her secrets to Teen Vogue, and TBH, we can’t stop reading!

For starters, Kattan has swapped out her face primer for the anti-itch yeast infection cream, Vagisil. Yes. THAT Vagisil. That’s definitely on the more extreme end of her regimen, but it seems in all aspects of her skincare, homegirl takes experimentation to the next level. In fact, she often spotlights and regrams kooky beauty hacks to her 1.8 million Instagram followers.

The beauty maven ditches the standard face mask for a mixture of Greek yogurt and honey. “This helps keep my skin balanced and the honey acts as an anti-inflammatory,” she shares. Kattan also uses fresh-squeezed orange juice as a toner, which she rinses off. Can anyone say wearable breakfast? Earlier this year, she also shared her toothbrush trick for ridding yourself of blackheads on Instagram. The video has over a million views.

To treat acne, she rubs the inside of banana peels on her face (seriously). “It clears it right up!” she claims. Banana peels are said to be rich with antioxidants, so it acts as a natural brightener for problem skin. She’s also shared the tip on her blog and on YouTube.

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(h/t Teen Vogue; photos via David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty)