No, not those drawers. We’re talking about your dresser, kitchen, or bathroom drawers. Thanks to IKEA’s new Dioder LED lights you can now find a matching pair of socks in the early morning without having to turn on the real lights, waking up your partner in the process.

The Dioder lights are battery-operated strips that attach to any drawer, though of course they are designed to fit IKEA-sized furniture. And what makes them so smart is that they use an IR, or infrared, sensor to tell when you’ve opened the drawer. Once you slide the drawer open the LED strip lights up for 15 seconds, ample time for you to find what you’re looking for—supposing you keep your drawers even halfway organized. Then once you close the drawer the light will stay on for another 5 seconds.


Also in the Dioder family are more complicated and more colorful light sets that don’t run on batteries and can be used to illuminate bookshelves, artwork, or even as under cabinet lighting. We can’t wait to see how the dedicated IKEA hackers out there use the Dioder battery-operated lights in all kinds of new ways.

You can buy the Dioder lights for $15 at IKEA.

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