Raise your hand if this sounds familiar: You’re on your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s Instagram page — you know, just some light, bedtime stalking — and you… double tap a pic. You quickly unlike the photo and pray that notification hasn’t just been sent to her phone that you liked her photos from 117 weeks ago when she was graduating from nursing school. Eek. There’s an app now that will prevent that scenario from ever happening again (oh thank heaven).


Instasnoop (free on iOS) is an app that allows you to check out anyone’s profile (as long as it’s public) and snoop to your heart’s content by disabling likes, tagging and commenting. You don’t need to be afraid of accidentally double-tapping on a photo and liking it — whew. No more embarrassing encounters with your frenemy from college.


Also, Instasnoop has the added capability of being able to ZOOM IN to a photo, so you can check out exactly who that girl is in the back who looks like your old neighbor from childhood. All you need is an Instagram account that you’ve authorized Instasnoop to access.

Furthermore, if you have people you check on the reg — maybe your work crush or your brother’s new gf — you can add them to a SnoopList that you can easily access with the tap of an icon.

Try to not be too creepy, guys.

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(h/t Nylon)