Just when we thought makeup artists and beauty companies were finished emptying our wallets in the name of the unicorn trend, another company has emerged to definitely raise the stakes.

UK-based company Irregular Choice just released a pair of high heels that features your fave mythical creature in a whole new way. The Dreamkiss Heels ($116) have unicorn heads (complete with yarn-made hair and pink horn) in the front of the shoe, and tassel tails attached to the back. The shoe sits atop a candy pink 3.75-inch engraved acrylic heel.

Irregular Choice released their first collection of Unicorn Heels back in 2014. Designed with a wooden unicorn head as the actual heel, the shoes sold out store-wide in three hours. Basically, they were on the unicorn trend before it was even a trend — and they’re still going strong!

With so many funky heel designs, the company created a heel guide to help their fans decide which irregular shoe is perfect for their taste. The unicorn heels are, by far, the most radical piece of clothing we’ve seen of the creature to date. So, is it weird that we want a pair?

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(h/t PopSugar; photos via Irregular Choice)