After a week of cooking and assorted hostess prep, a day of feasting and a sweaty 25 minutes lugging that new 55” inch flat screen up your fourth floor walk up, it’s time to check back in with yourself. Which we recommend starting with an app refresh and one of this week’s must-download apps meant to make some sliver of your life better. Today, we’re focusing on your rap career, your sommelier status and your Masters in Meteorology + Meetings. Keep reading, and get to DLing!

1. Jigglist: As holiday party season heats up and the “we should grab a drink” straggler invites come rolling in, use this app to plan the latter. Its interactive chats let you find times in your friends’ schedules that work for all AND pick well-reviewed restaurants and bars to meet — all in the same chat. Bonus: With the chosen locale’s info right there in your convo, you’ll never have to answer the “what’s the addy?” texts again.

Cost: Free on iOS and coming soon to Android

2. Next Glass: Not sure what kinda beer to buy or, more importantly, which lager you’ll actually love? This app uses SCIENCE to predict which brewski you’ll swig and which wine you’ll pass on after a sip. Use it like Pandora, rating your favorite beers and wine to build your very own taste profile. While shopping, bust it out to scan barcodes of drinks you haven’t tried yet to get a personalized “score” that guesstimates how you’ll feel about that particular booze. One of our favorite features is that it connects with your friends’ profiles so you can find the perfect bottle of wine to bring to their next party.

Cost: Free on Android and iOS

3. Keezy Drummer: Now that 2014 is coming to a close, someone needs to start working on the next twerk anthem and you could be THAT PERSON with this beat-creating app. Either that, or use this well-designed DLable drum machine to win the next rap battle you find yourself stuck in.

Cost: Free on iOS

4. Weather or Not: A great weather app is, well, great, but a weather app that adds context to the forecast is better than great. This one syncs to your calendar events and maps out what the next week looks like for you and your plans with the weather in mind. All that and some good word play? You know we <3 that.

Cost: $2.99 on iOS

5. Super! This self-described “quirky, colorful and different” app looks like super fun — important because Jelly, Biz Stone’s most recent swing at a social app was, well, not super fun. This social experiment is about sharing pictures with a message (or is it about sharing a message with the help of pictures?). You type in your opinion and the app generates an image for you automatically or lets you upload your own. Users can use “starters” to kick off their own “I” statements or answer someone else’s with their thoughts. This one might not reach Twitter or Facebook heights, but it might be like a public, feel-good Whisper.

Cost: Free on Android and iOS

What was your favorite app of recent downloads? Going to try any of these? Share with us below!