Long live crowdsourcing. We’ve seen the Pebble smartwatch skyrocket past its funding goal and remain the highest funded Kickstarter at over $10 million. There’s also the affordable 3D printer, Micro, which met its $50,000 goal in a short 11 minutes. And now here comes “the world’s first people-powered tablet,” which has already reached 400% of its whopping $380,000 goal with about a day to go. Apple and Samsung better watch out, because the Jolla Tablet isn’t about that marketing and sales life — it’s all about the people.

The Jolla Tablet runs on Sailfish OS — a sleek, open-source operating system that is always evolving. At a first glance, Jolla may look like any old Android tablet. That’s because Sailfish 2.0 can run Android apps as well as apps that are only able to run on Sailfish. Because it is open source, if there isn’t an app you want, you can make it yourself. DIY app-making? Can Jolla get any cooler??

Android devices usually have about three to four navigation buttons built into the device, but with Jolla everything is done with gestures. The motion sensors allow you to navigate quicker. So instead of looking for a back button, just swipe your hand across and the Jolla will take you to your previous page.

Because this tablet is built based upon what users want to get out of it, the Jolla team encourages everyone to input suggestions on their community forum, where other users can vote for their favorite ones. The ones with the most votes go to the development team, who turns people’s suggestions into a tangible feature of the Jolla.

The expected retail price is going to be $249 — which is extremely reasonable considering the newest iPad Air costs $500 — but you can get your own Jolla for $209 with their early bird special on Indiegogo.

What are your thoughts on crowdsourced projects? Do you think the Jolla Tablet will inspire Apple and Samsung to cater to the people?