On Sunday night鈥檚 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, things got real. Opening up about last year鈥檚 robbery in Paris, Kim Kardashian recalled the terror of being physically bound and emotionally traumatized at the hands of armed criminals.

Before the episode even aired, she took to Twitter and Instagram to post the last photo taken before the robbery, and to share with fans how difficult it was to revisit her nightmare.

In one of the most sobering episodes of the series to date, Kim recalled the trauma of the robbery in conversation with her sisters. She detailed being grabbed by one of the assailants and having her legs duct-taped. 鈥淥K this is the moment they鈥檙e going to rape me and I fully mentally prepared myself,鈥 she said. When one of her attackers pointed a gun at her head, she believed her life was over.

After the episode aired, the Kardashian family took to social media to post their support for Kim and to share their own initial reactions to the devastating incident.

The revealing episode 鈥 and Kim鈥檚 bravery in sharing her story 鈥 was met with a flood of support and encouragement from fans on Twitter.

Although reports of the robbery made headlines last year, some were apt to dismiss the news or presume the reports were overblown. But hearing Kim talk about the incident in her own words proved just how serious it was. By speaking out, she raised awareness about the trauma that victims face in the aftermath of an attack, and the support they need 鈥 and deserve 鈥 to begin to recover.

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(h/t to Buzzfeed, Image via E!)