It’s that time of year again, y’all. I’m talking about the few weeks before Mother’s Day, when you’re completely consumed by the anxiety of searching for the *perfect* present for mom. Whether you’re figuring out how to top last year’s gift, or you haven’t quite nailed the art of gift-giving in your 20 some-odd years, this cheese board is the perfect, cheesy present for your favorite lady in your life. We’ll show you an awesome trick to transfer any design onto your board, so pick up a Wood Burning Cutting Board Kit from and print out a few of our free printable designs!

We’ve created 4 fun, cheesy designs that you can print at home!


Gather your materials and let’s get cheesy!

Use an ink jet printer to print out one of our designs. It’s important to use an ink jet printer so that your design will transfer properly. Center your printable on top of the cheese board and tape it down to keep it in place.

Pour the nail polish remover onto a cotton ball and generously apply it onto the printable. You should see the design appear right side up through the soaked paper. Use the back of the spoon and rub the design firmly a few times. Re-soak the paper as it dries out and continue rubbing until you’ve reached the end of the design.

The transfer will be pretty faint but will serve as a guide for your burning tool.

Carefully trace the transferred pattern with your wood burning tool. We used a chisel tip because of its versatility. Remember, your burn marks will look better if you trace at a slow and consistent pace.

Switch the tips as needed. Make sure to unplug the burning tool and allow it to cool completely before switching bits.

Build your cheeseboard according to your mom’s favorite fruits and cheeses!

This is one cheesy Mother’s Day Gift she won’t mind receiving.

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DIY Production + Styling: Marianne Koo

Photography: Chris Andre