The Keeping Up With the Kardashians10-year anniversary special didn鈥檛 address the Kylie Jenner pregnancy rumors, but it did get personal. The Kardashian-Jenner family reflected on some of the most biggest moments in their 鈥 and, by default, the reality show鈥檚 鈥 history. We previously got a glimpse of Kim Kardashian opening up about the miscarriage scare she had while聽pregnant with daughter North West, and while there were plenty of other emotional moments like that one, there was also a fair amount of classic Kardashian hilarity. Check out some of the best revelations from the anniversary special below.

Scott Disick said Kourtney is the only person he鈥檚 ever loved. Though they broke up in 2015, Kourtney and her ex still co-parent their three children, leading many to believe they鈥檝e been on-again/off-again. When host Ryan Seacrest asked where the relationship stood, Kourtney insisted that they have 鈥渘ever one time鈥 gotten back together, adding that they were 鈥渄efinitely psychotic.鈥 Scott admitted that it was hard for him, saying, 鈥淪he鈥檚 like the only person I鈥檝e ever loved in my life. I think she鈥檚 cute and stuff.鈥 And though he鈥檚 recently been linked to Sofia Richie, he also said (with a wink) that he鈥檚 not dating anyone. Then he got down on one knee in front of Kourtney to propose. It was a joke 鈥 but we鈥檙e pretty sure he鈥檚 serious about his love for her. Oh, these two.

Kim revealed that she was talking to Kanye West right before she married Kris Humphries. Kim and Kanye鈥檚 love story apparently began as she was about to marry another man. 鈥淩ight before I got married to Kris Humphries, [Kanye and I] were talking, and I just went a different direction,鈥 she said. After she ended her marriage of 72 days, Kanye invited her to Paris to see his fashion show to help get her out of her funk. 鈥淚 swear from the moment I landed, I fell madly in love with him and I thought, 鈥極h my God, why didn鈥檛 I do this sooner?鈥欌

Khlo茅 fell on the floor when she learned about Lamar Odom鈥檚 overdose. When Khlo茅鈥檚 ex-husband overdosed in late 2016, the family initially thought he had died. It turns out that someone had emailed Kim from a fake account with the wrong information, but she had already told some of her sisters the news, and the whole thing was too much to process. 鈥淛ust seeing Khlo茅 鈥 she fell, screamed on the plane,鈥 Kim recalled. Khlo茅 said that going through the emotions of thinking someone had died and then finding out they were alive was too much for any of them to handle.

Kendall said she mutes the family group chat. After saying that she talks to Rob (who was absent from the special but is said to be doing great) every day in the family group chat, Kendall admitted that she has to put the thread on 鈥渄o not disturb鈥 mode most of the time. 鈥淵ou guys are so annoying sometimes,鈥 she quipped. Kim agreed that it was 鈥渙verwhelming.鈥 Kylie, however, described it as 鈥渓it.鈥 We can only imagine.

The toughest thing to film involved Caitlyn Jenner. A few of the family members agreed that one of the hardest things to film for the show was Caitlyn Jenner鈥檚 transition. 鈥淚 think if I remember correctly, one of the camera guys started crying. It was rough,鈥 Kris shared. 鈥淭hat was a rough day.鈥 Khloe echoed her mom鈥檚 sentiments, saying that she wasn鈥檛 yet fully informed and was feeling protective. Kylie agreed, but added that she is 鈥渟o happy that my dad is finally living her true self.鈥

See more highlights in the E! video below.

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