The laundry room… how it gets away with being called that we will never understand. It holds cleaning supplies, vacuum cleaners, tool boxes and, if you’re like most of us here at Brit + Co., crafting supplies and glamping gear. Organizing that multi-tasking space is a must if only for your sanity. So here you have it, 13 laundry-room organizational hacks that will make you actually like doing laundry… almost.

1. Ironing Board Cover ($32): Maybe you don’t have the capacity to take on one more DIY project. We hear ya. But it is important that along with being organized, your laundry room is pretty… because… it just is, okay? This lovely looker can be paired with a matching peg bag. Oh, and it’s all made out of organic cotton, so yay!

2. DIY Drying Rack: If nothing goes into your house unless you’ve played a part in its creation, here’s a nice little tutorial on how to make a drying rack. It looks like something that would be a good job for a repurposed crib. (via Centsational Girl)

3. Hanging Ironing Board: This is a basic, so if you’re not doing it, start doing it. Everyone else is. And if you like this particular ironing board cover and plank wall (we do), here’s a step-by-step on how to take the cottage look into your own home. (via The Wood Grain Cottage)

4. Bathroom Laundry Room: Lots of times, laundry rooms are not rooms at all. They’re just a washer and a dryer in the bathroom. But you should most definitely make it a room… even if it is just a closet. Add a door and make the most of the space by putting in shelving that extends all the way to the ceiling.

5. Wicker Organizer ($120): Whether you have a side-by-side setup or you have stackers, chances are, there’s a little gap somewhere that isn’t big enough to do much with… except put in a skinny minnie shelf for your detergents, stain fighters, bleach and dryer sheets.

6. Clear Canisters: As much as you love your favorite detergent and stain fighter, a bunch of heavily branded packaging sitting on your shelves causes visual chaos. But you can calm your nerves easily. Clear canisters with chalkboard tags look pretty and let you know when it’s time to take another trip to Target for more detergent. (via Because I’m Addicted)

7. Towel Racks: This look can be yours for just 21 buckaroos. Towel racks are inexpensive and versatile. Use them to hang hangers while a shirt dries, attach baskets via S-hooks to give yourself some extra storage space and hang cleaning supplies that would otherwise be taking up valuable shelf space. (via Small Notebook)

8. Counter Space: If you’re not going to put shelving directly over your front-load washer and dryer, we’re begging you: Don’t let that space go to waste! Put in a counter, and get folding those tops and jeggings. (via Ikea)

9. Laundry Baskets: You gotta keep ‘em separated. Rather than throwing all your dirties into one basket and then throwing everything into piles on the floor every week when it’s cleaning day, just separate it all straight away by putting whites, gentles and colors in separate bins. (via Amy Volk)

10. Gabrielle Laundry Set ($359): Pottery Barn has lots of lovely looking organizing tools. The peg system means you can take things down and move them around with ease. The vertical drying rack is tops for those of us whose laundry room is literally a closet, and the shelving unit holds all those laundry room potions and tools.

11. DIY Laundry Room Pegboard: If your brooms, Swiffers and dust pans are sitting on the floor, you’re probably knocking stuff down and swearing a lot. It’s okay. All you need is a pegboard and you can save your cursing for bigger things, like seeing Frank Underwood connive his way into power and world domination. (Seriously, have you been watching House of Cards?!?!?!) (via Posh Space)

12. Back of the Door: The back of your laundry room door is just screaming to be used. Here’s what it’s begging for: Chalkboard paint and some hanging wire shelves to store cleaning supplies and odds and ends. And, if you’re the forgetful sort (guilty!), you can even label what items go on which shelves so things stay put. (via My Sweet Savannah)

13. Work Room: Now that your laundry room is heaven on earth, you’re obviously going to want to be in there ALL THE TIME. Move over baskets, our desk is now residing in here.

How’s your washer’s abode looking? Air your dirty laundry in the comments below.