After your little one is all grown up, you’re faced with an enormous decision: What should you do with all that furniture?! You could toss it, donate it or our favorite option… repurpose it! From awesome chalkboards to classy beverage carts, here are 13 super creative ways to repurpose baby furniture.

1. Kitchen Island: Looking to add a pop of color to your kitchen? Check out this bold kitchen island made from, you guessed it, a dresser. (via You’re So Martha)

2. Potting Table: Got a green thumb? This repurposed dressing table may be the perfect weekend DIY for you. (via Shelstring Blog)

3. Craft Table: As avid crafters, this has got to be one of our favorites. It looks store-bought! (via DIY and Craft Ideas)

4. Chalkboard Easel: As you can probably tell, we love anything and everything related to chalkboards. This chalkboard easel would be a perfect addition to your toddler’s playroom. (via The Red Kitchen)

5. Wall Shelf + Basket: Who ever thought chairs could be used as storage?! These were actually created with normal dining chairs, but you could easily recreate them with an unused rocking chair. (via Knick of Time)

6. Crib Bench: We love how sleek this bench is. No one will be able to tell it was once a crib. (via A Diamond in the Stuff)

7. Front Porch Daybed: With warmer weather coming our way, a daybed like this will sure come in handy. What color will you make yours? We’d recommend a bright one, obviously. (via 2 Little Hooligans)

8. Beverage Cart: This changing table turned beverage cart would be great for any big fancy parties you’re planning on throwing, like that epic Oscars shindig you’ve been putting together. (via Shine Your Light)

9. Instagram Display: Nowadays, we practically document our lives through Instagram. It’s time to get those pics off your phone and onto your wall. (via Decor and the Dog)

10. Toddler Bed: How adorable is this? Now that your little one is growing up, it looks like he needs a big kid bed. Lucky for you, it’s not that difficult to turn his old crib into one. (via Adriel Booker)

11. Rocking Chair Hook: Surprisingly, vintage furniture actually makes great wall decor. We’d recommend adding multiple hooks to turn this rocking chairback into a key rack. (via Knick of Time)

12. Chalkboard Tabletop: Wait, maybe this one is our favorite. This adorable creation serves as both a tabletop and a chalkboard. (via A Little Learning for Two)

13. Magazine Rack: This is probably the easiest DIY out of them all. The side of a crib actually makes a really great magazine rack. Genius, right? (via Blue Cricket Design)

Which one of these fun projects is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!