7 Apps to Boost Your Brain Power
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7 Apps to Boost Your Brain Power

We love learning new things here at Brit HQ. Whether it’s a new DIY technique, how to make a new recipe, or how to make our daily routines simpler, we spend a lot of time seeking out new information. But we also like learning new facts about the world around us. That’s where these seven apps come in. Each of them teaches something completely different—from constellations to foreign languages—and we can’t get enough. Be sure to share your favorite app for learning something new below!

1. Sky Guide ($2): Learn all you ever wanted to know about the night sky with this app. The panorama of the sky is composed of more than 37,000 actual photographs. And it works whether or not you’re connected, making it perfect for camping.

2. Snapguide (free): Want to learn something via visual step-by-step instructions? Snapguide is the app for you! Users share their own projects complete with photo guides making it easy to learn virtually anything!

3. The Human Body (free): Okay, this one is technically designed for kids, but how much do you really remember from bio class? Part of what we love about this app is how well designed it is, the illustrations are beautiful and both in-depth, but simple to understand. Plus, if you do have a child, the app has a feature where they can record questions to ask you later while they are looking at the app.

4. Lumosity (free): Next time you’re looking for a new game to play, download one that will help keep you sharp! Lumosity is filled with beautifully designed games that challenge your brain and keep all those neurons firing. It’s the perfect app to use while waiting for a friend or on your commute.

5. Leafsnap (free): Learn a bit more about the world around you with this app. You can snap a pic of a leaf, flower, or other foliage in you neighborhood and find out what it is. No more wondering what kind of tree is living in your backyard, or if that weed is actually poison oak.

6. Duolingo (free): While this app won’t necessarily make you fluent in the language you’re learning, it will help you learn your vocab words quickly without making it feel like a chore. Where was this during high school French class? (Download the Android version here.)

7. Random Facts (free): We’re not sure that knowing a ton of random facts will make you any smarter, but you will have something to say for every conversation you find yourself in!

Have you ever learned something from an app? Share the link in the box below!