If you’ve been missing the feeling of excitement that came with going to the mall to see what’s new at the coolest tween store of the aughts, you’re in luck. Limited Too, the once nearly defunct brand, will temporarily return to the brick and mortar world as a mobile pop up shop in New York City next month.

The 527-square-foot mobile store will tour popular New York City shopping spots from August 6 to August 10 — and it’ll be nostalgia-heavy. The brand aims to keep the same look and feel as you felt stepping into the stores a decade or more ago.

While the company wants its shoppers to feel like they’ve stepped back in time, they’ve added just a few updates for this new social media era (so, prepare your Instagrams!) — but don’t worry, that signature pink, blue, and glitter logo is still very much the same.

You might be wondering what’s been up with Limited Too since the last time you stepped your platform loafers inside. Well, declining sales led to Justice absorbing the store before it was acquired by Bluestar Alliance two years ago. Now, you can still find the clothes on Amazon with styles that fit today’s trends (RIP, satin bell bottoms!).

The shop will work its way downtown in Manhattan during its short run, starting on 3rd Avenue between 59th and 60th streets on August 6. On August 7 and 8, the shop will be open at Herald Square, then Union Square on August 9, and wrapping up near the Flatiron on August 10.

Who knows? You might even be able to snag a baby-doll tee for old time’s sake.

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(h/t Fashionista; photo via Limited Too)