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How do you learn about everything? The answer, make the world's best experts teach you in less than an hour. Brit and a co-host – alternating between her husband Dave Morin, and her co-founder Anjelika Temple – will tackle a different theme in each episode with guests including Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Hyman, Adam Mosseri, Rachael Ray, and more.

Mila Kunis + Ashton Kutcher Join Brit on Teach Me Something New

In the premier episode of the podcast, Brit and her husband (and partner in everything) Dave are learning about acting for everyday life with one of Hollywood's favorite couples, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. In the couple's first joint interview since their days starring in That '70s Show, follow along as they teach acting skills you can apply to everything from parenting to work, and everywhere in between.

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Brit Learns Personal Finance 101 with Nicole Lapin

Nicole Lapin is a best-selling author, podcaster and expert in all things money. In this week's episode, she chats with Brit and Anj about clever ways to spend and save money, how to think about investing, and why now might actually be the best time to start a business – along with with the best tips for getting started! As Nicole proves, the blocker in all of this is "the thing between our ears," so let's all get more comfortable with this taboo topic together.

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