All around the world, there are different ways people date, get married and observe holidays. With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s always fun to see how good old fashioned romance is celebrated at home and abroad.

Red Candy Blog has come up with a neat little infographic showing us all the wacky ways love is celebrated and feared around the world. Filled with neat (and some weird) factoids, our favorites include:

-In Gambia, superstition states that bathing in a pool filled with crocodiles increases your chance of getting pregnant! (You know, if you don’t get eaten first.)

-The Korean belief that if your boyfriend or girlfriend has a mole near his or her mouth, they are more likely to cheat!

-In Mexico, it’s said that if a broom passes over your feet, you’ll be single forever (a good reason never to sweep again!).

-Here in the US, apparently if you can kiss your own elbow, you can have any mate of your wildest dreams (brb practicing this so we can collect Tom Hardy).

You can check out the entire infographic below:

love info

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(Infographic via Red Candy + Photo via Spencer Platt / Getty Images)