This one’s for the bonfire-lovers, tent-pitchers, bug-catchers and thrill-seekers. You’re a bit of a wild spirit, and you love to stretch your creative muscles in the great outdoors. In the B+C Shop, you’ll find ruggedly charming gifts that express this about you AND bring the outdoors in. The logical place to start: flannel… and lots of it.


1. Holiday Freaker Set ($19): Flannel’s an all-winter staple for its warm-you-up superpowers, but in this case, it keeps your beverages nice and chilly. Oh flannel, you truly do it all.


2. Flannel Jack Fanny Pack ($32): In the spirit of this fanny pack Renaissance we’re having, here’s one that says you’re DTH (Down To Hike, that is). Yeah, we made that up.


3. Flannel Shirt Soy Candle ($22): This Oakland-based candlemaker has managed to perfectly capture the essence of a flannel shirt, complete with a combination of scents both familiar and earthy.


4. Let’s Climb a Mountain Together Print ($25): The spirit of adventure is sexy. This print is perfect for you and your adventure-inclined honey to enjoy in your nest (while you’re not away climbing mountains together, that is).


5. Fox Art Print ($20): Jack London called. He doesn’t want anything back; he just wanted to tell you he approves. Fun fact: This watercolor is made with environmentally friendly inks.

Santa Cruz Surf Map

6. Santa Cruz Surf Map ($45): Even if you’re not out chasing waves, you can profess your California surf crush to the world with this 12 x 18-inch print.


7. Bourbon Marshmallows ($8): You don’t need to pitch a tent to relive those beloved whiskey-fueled nights around the campfire. Just pop these babies open for a snack and be transported.


8. Beef & Beer Print ($35): Omnivores, rejoice! Here’s a print that celebrates a well-balanced meal. Hops are green and leafy, so they’re basically salad.


9. Antler Earrings ($40): We love the rustic-yet-refined simplicity of these gold earrings. They let the beauty of nature speak for itself. We’d wear them with just about anything.


10. Mountain Necklace ($54): If the mountains are calling, you can wear them over your heart with this dainty gold necklace, inspired by the Grand Tetons in Wyoming.


11. Cardboard Deer Bust Kit ($30): No animals were harmed in the making of this bust. :)


12. Secret Garden (Artist’s Edition) Coloring Book ($23) by Johanna Basford: All aboard the coloring book train! These hand-drawn illustrations depict the flora and fauna of rural Scotland, and they tear out to make breathtaking, frame-able art.


13. Heart Print ($15): This one goes out to exploring, getting lost and finding your way. What’s not to heart about the Western landscape?


14. Grow Your Own Mushrooms Kit ($20): Holy shiitakes! You can bring the outdoors in by growing your own ‘shrooms for cooking. Store- or market-bought ‘shrooms can get pricey, so this saves money and makes a great gift you can rest assured they don’t already have.


15. Winter Evergreen Trees – Set of Three ($51): Whether you’re using them for mantelpiece, ornament or serving-counter decor, these snow-dusted trees are sure to spruce things up (ba-dum-chhhh).


16. Healing Wreath Wall Calendar ($25): Winter blues got you down? You can’t wear these flower crowns in your hair, but you can sure hang them on the wall for a wreath that stays fresh and bursting with color all year long.


17. Blueprint Lantern ($14): In the summer, this gas lantern will warm and brighten your camping trips and porch sessions after dark. In the winter, it’ll bring a bit of old-fashioned charm indoors.


18. Leatherworking Online Class ($19): For less than $20, you can learn how to transform raw leather into patterned goods, like a leather catch-all tray for keys, candy and more.

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