Playing the roll of little sister, big brother, maid of honor, birthday girl's boyfriend, tech-savvy son, or just straight up hostess with the mostest anytime soon? Then you've likely fired up a really old version of Power Point, iMovie or we're-not-sure-what-else and are just a wee bit stressed out about how to make a video slideshow that doesn't suck.

Not only are you having trouble finding photos online, but the process of downloading them from Flickr or Facebook to your desktop, then importing them into whatever program you're using, and editing the order properly is a huge pain in the rear. Then, of course, you have to upload it to YouTube or Vimeo so you can access it from anywhere.

What if there was a site that made this oodles easier? And operated completely within the cloud? Kapow! It's time for you to check out lets you make video slideshows in under 5 minutes flat (seriously, we just made one 5 minutes ago!). Just select amongst your pictures from around the web then choose a background music track to include.

Once you sign up and start your first, you have the option of choosing up to 90 photos from Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Picasa, and even Google Image Search. Plus, if you've got non-cloud photos you want to include, simply upload from your computer. We chose a few outtakes from our Fresh Princess of Weduary video shoot!

Now you can set the cover photo, arrange the order of photos, add captions, and remove any photos you decide you don't want. If you don't care about the order, just select shuffle.

Here's where you choose your tunes. For some events, you probably won't need tunes but there's no harm in adding them, especially if you want to share the slideshow after the party, wedding, or any other epic event. For our little test, we went with Brit's Fresh Prince parody, the Fresh Princess of Weduary. Obvs.

Now it's time to preview. Check out your slideshow, add appropriate tags, and leave it marked as public, or uncheck the public box so it's only available to people you share it with.

Try out some of the fun filters if you want to – as cheesy as they are, we can't resist the party balloons!

And you're done! If you want to add photos, remove photos, add captions, change the title, etc, after you've published, simply go to "My Slidelys" and do all the editing you need.

Share on Facebook, share your unique URL, embed on your blog – whatever you want. Your slideshow is done and ready for the world to see.

We'd love to see your very first! Share your slideshows with us in the comments below or on Twitter, and let us know