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No joke, goal-setting is one of our favorite hobbies. Whether we’re training for a marathon, working toward a promotion, or writing a business plan, we feel our best when we’re moving forward. So when we started hearing about manifesting — basically using the law of attraction combined with taking actionable steps to achieve our goals — we had to know more. We recently chatted with intuitive coach Jess Bubbico to get her tips on transforming our dreams into reality by manifesting. As host of the Manifest Your Best Life podcast, Bubbico is a pro at breaking down the emotional and mental barriers we construct that keep us from becoming our best selves. Read on for her enlightening — and actionable — advice.

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Brit + Co: What does manifesting mean to you?

Jess Bubbico: I think manifesting has gotten a reputation for being a magical process — and while it can certainly seem magical at times, it’s actually not. Manifesting is more about aligning your thoughts and emotions while taking action and letting go of the outcome so you’re aware of the presence of what you truly desire. It takes focusing your thoughts and emotions on what you want, letting go of the “how,” and then listening to where your intuition guides you.

B+C: How does we start manifesting?

JB: If you’ve never intentionally tried manifesting, I’d recommend that you start directing your focus on your desired outcomes instead of focusing on the lack of what you desire. When you have a true desire for something, the way to achieve it already exists in your life. The problem is not that it isn’t there; the “problem” is that you cannot perceive where it is in your environment.

Start working on a belief system. Ask yourself what stories you’re holding onto that go against what you desire (for example, maybe you want to quit your nine-to-five job, but subconsciously you believe you’re not worthy enough to have what you want). What is the emotion that goes along with that? Frustration? Anger? Sadness? Identify it and set that old story free.

B+C: What a healthy way to reframe a perceived obstacle! Now what?

JB: So, you’ve just stepped into the vibration of what you desire to become, not the vibration of your fears, and the opportunity was right there in front of your eyes. Once you decide to embody the spirit of “anything is possible,” it’s now your responsibility to keep showing up; keep embodying the thoughts, feelings, and vision of what you desire; and keep saying yes to the opportunities that feel right for you. Pay attention to your body and start to notice when you’re in your head (or in your “lack” story) and when you’re in your vision. Keep focusing in the direction of your desires.

B+C: We’ve heard a lot about manifesting abundance. What does abundance look like to you? How do you recommend we figure out our own definition of abundance to focus on when we’re manifesting?

JB: Abundance to me means a wholeness and limitlessness. It means seeing that there is no lack and that everything exists as a whole. Nothing is created “incomplete.” I would recommend starting with yourself. In what ways are you abundant? Do you have an abundance of love to give? Of joy to share? Then look at nature. Notice the abundance in nature. Maybe you look out of your window during wintertime and see that the trees are bare. You can say, “What’s abundant about this?” There’s an abundance of space. Begin attuning yourself to the abundance that is already in your environment and then create your definition from there.

B+C: Are there any rituals you like to perform to help yourself manifest?

JB: I personally love visualizing. I create an image in my mind of who I am becoming, what my life will look like, the energy I will put into the world, and who I’ll be surrounded by. Then I focus on that visualization daily — physically seeing myself within the vision doing the things I want to be doing. If you love to write, you can write a daily narrative about what that version of yourself looks like and feel the emotions in your body that go along with it as you write.

Start making little shifts. When you feel like you have nothing to do on a Saturday night, task yourself to think of five possibilities of what you could do. “I could take a bath, I could learn a new recipe, I could invite Sarah over, I could sit and watch five episodes of Orange is the New Black.” This will begin to attune you to the abundance that exists (even if that abundance is an abundance of time). Over time and with practice, this will become a more natural way of thinking for you!

B+C: How can manifesting become an important tool in a woman’s career journey?

JB: We’re manifesting all of the time whether we realize it or not. You’re always calling either more of what you want or don’t want into your life based on your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions. I recommend uncovering what you believe in, both on a conscious and subconscious level. If you’re battling in your mind with “I want to start a business” but you feel “I’m not good enough,” find a mentor or coach to work with who can hold the vision along with you and guide you to rewriting these narratives.

This is a powerful time in history when women are growing into their power and standing in their purpose. We’re shifting into a new narrative of what’s possible. It’s time to tap into the limitless potential within and create massive change in our world by living our unique, divine purposes.

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