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Why Jonathan Van Ness Wants to Redefine Self-Care As Tuning In, Not Numbing Out

"You know, I used to think that self care was more about kind of numbing out, and now I'm realizing that my advocacy is self care, using my voice to stand up for trans and non binary people, using my voice to stand up for black people, using my voice to stand up for the HIV social safety net or lack thereof. I mean, using my voice to talk about all of those things, whether it's on my platform, in my private life — that is self-care."


23 Self-Care Gifts You Deserve to Give Yourself This Season

If there's a year for self-gifting, it's 2020. Double up on your favorites for BFFs too.;)


5 Ways to Help a Friend or Loved One Who Needs Emotional Support

This week's Teach Me Something New! podcast guest, psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb, breaks down the difference between "idiot compassion" and "wise compassion."


18 Products to Help You Chill Out When Anxiety Sets In

Feeling election anxiety (too)? Here are helpful ways to relax.


7 Meditation Types That Are Perfect for Beginners

Treat yo'self to a daily practice for everyday self care.


4 Pro Tips for Turning Your Home Into a Calming, Restorative Space

Reimagine your life by reimagining your space. Here's how to find your happy place at home.


Here’s How to Bring Out All Your Good Energy Vibes

Transformational expert Koya Webb teaches us about chakras, crystals and creating a love bank.


Our Selfmade Course is Here to Help You Find Your Calling

We are smarter than we know. We are more talented than we know. And we know in our hearts what gives us energy — THAT is the calling we should be marching toward. A job should be energy-giving not energy-reducing.


These Gratitude Books Could Be the Mood Boost You Need Right Now

Looking at the bright side can be good for your mental and physical health.