We adore the last three months of the year. October is Halloween (an obvious fave), November is Thanksgiving and December is the holidays! Today we’re moving right into the holiday season — it’s time to start thinking about gifts and gift wrap. (No seriously, it is! Have you seen our holiday shop yet?) To help you get into the spirit, we’ve teamed up with the Scotch® Brand to show you a fun tape to use if you want to add metallics to your gift wrap color scheme this year.


Take a look below for our tips on using metallics!



– metallic wrapping paper

– gift topper + ribbon

– Scotch® Mailing, Moving and Storage Box


– Scotch™ Scissors

– Scotch® GiftWrap Tape

– Scotch® Expressions Metallic Tape


The key to this amazing wrap job is to use Scotch® GiftWrap Tape. The unique satin finish disappears on most wrapping papers.


First, cut enough paper to wrap your box. Make sure you have enough to cover all sides! Then use Scotch® GiftWrap Tape to secure the paper. Add a strip of Scotch® Expressions Metallic Tape and then finish up with a ribbon and a beautiful topper.


Scotch® Expressions Metallic Tape is the perfect ribbon alternative. Rather than wrapping your box with silky ribbon, add some flair with sparkling metallic tape. Not only does it look good, but it also helps secure the paper even more!


Scotch® GiftWrap Tape is also a must-have for adding toppers to your gift. Though many toppers have adhesive, it’s always a good idea to attach them with tape so you can re-use them for other gifts.


Need some awesome holiday gift wrap to take your wrapping skills to the next level? We’ve got you covered with our ultimate gift wrap kit!


How will you add metallics to your gifts this year? Show us your creations on Instagram using the hashtag #britstagram .

This post is sponsored by Scotch® Brand.

DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden

Photography: Chris Andre