A little modern rustic vibe, a little spot for stretching the mind and body — yes please. Inspired by the Minimalist palette from Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap® Color ID, we envisioned an uncluttered space for slowing down. With a broad swath of silvery grey — so easy on the eyes — we painted the brick wall with Silverpointe SW 7653. We went with Krypton SW 6247 for a breezy vibe on the wood flooring and Unfussy Beige SW 6043 to set off the wooden wall planter — so cute, right!? With modern, rustic styling, the result is a perfectly calming space to decompress in peace and quiet.

Author and Creative Director: Angelika Temple

Producer/Director: Alana Lowe

Director of Photography: Michael Sullivan

Art Director: Alonna Morrison

Model: DaVaughn Dillahunty

Camera Operator: Conor Hagan

Production Assistant: Corey Marsau

Still Photography: Brittany Griffin

Video Editor: Ryan Shelley