We get it. You’re busy. With bills, project deadlines and a growing to-do list, it can be hard to keep your house in order. But research shows that cluttered environments are tied to higher levels of stress, and that’s something you should not ignore.

To de-stress your day, we have a solution: Become a minimalist. Not only is the pared-down style timeless, but at its core, it’s connected to mindfulness and paying closer attention to your surroundings. (And if your home is tied to your well-being, we think it’s definitely worth the effort to make some changes!) So step back and take a deep breath — ahead, you’ll find minimalist decor ideas that’ll bring simplicity and zen into your home in no time!


1. Let your space speak for itself. There are so many ways to decorate a home, but before you begin drilling and filling up the shelves, really take time to understand and appreciate your space. Whether your home has traditional molding, modern kitchen cabinets or a quirky layout, your home’s bones are the foundation for building upon. You might find that many of your physical possessions don’t complement your space. Work with what you have (and not against it) to create a home that is unified. (via Studio Oink)


2. Purge once and edit often. There’s a reason why the KonMari method is such a huge hit — because it works. To create a mindful space, you need to master the magic of tidying. Surround yourself with things that you love and get rid of non-essentials that are cluttering your space. The result: a cozy, comfortable home you love. (via The Dreslyn)


3. Focus on negative space with low furniture. If something about one of your minimalistic rooms feels off or cramped, you might need to focus on the proportions of your furniture. Tables, a sofa or a bed that are just a few inches too high can greatly disrupt a room’s visual flow. The design trick: Buy low furniture for a cozy and simple look. (via KK)


4. Stick with a neutral or soft color palette. When decorating a minimalist interior, it’s all about creating a clean base. Clean white walls can open up a space and make it feel airy, while soft, nature-toned pieces in beige, tan and green are soothing and easy on the eyes. Decorating within a neutral color palette also gives your home that instant, pulled-together look. That plus calming vibes? It’s a win-win. (via Elysian Edit)


5. Get rid of (most) mirrors. In feng shui, mirrors are said to bounce off energy, which can cause you to feel restless. There have even been studies that show mirrors could trigger stress and anxiety. While we love how a mirror can make a space look larger, it’s probably best to remove them from your bedroom, living room and kitchen. If you must have a mirror, try to place it behind closet doors or limit it to the bathroom. (via Paulina Arcklin / The Style Files )


6. Shop for natural materials. While minimalism is all about perfecting the “less is more” approach, there’s a chance your interiors might feel cold and sterile (gross). Invest in pieces of natural or raw materials such as wood, marble, hides, clay and cork. The uniqueness of earthy materials adds character and warmth to your abode. (via Dezeen)


7. Bring in natural light. A simple mindfulness exercise is to wake up when it’s light out and sleep when it’s dark out to maintain a healthy sleep rhythm. Get rid of curtains and tear down walls that block windows to maximize the amount of light that comes in. Letting natural light fill your home brings the outside in and allows you to get the best rest possible. (via My Unfinished Home)


8. Keep surfaces clear and tidy. This is where being mindful isn’t just about aesthetics. De-cluttering a messy surface looks amazing and feels amazing too — think of it as a mind and spirit detox. Clear and tidy desks, tables and kitchen countertops on a daily basis so you can start every day fresh with clarity. (via Munger Interiors)


9. Use stylish storage. We know. It’s hard to get rid of all of your clutter. Paper, art supplies, makeup brushes, laundry — the list of stuff that accumulates (and you can’t always get rid of) goes on. Consider getting rid of trash cans entirely in rooms that don’t absolutely need them. Or, use pull-out and built-in garbage and recycling bins to free up floor space. Keep office and cleaning supplies organized with pretty baskets and containers, and find creative ways to store your hair and beauty products. With so much stuff, stylish storage is key to making your home organized and tidy. (via The Fashion Medley)


10. Keep cords out of sight. Have you ever seen a Pinterest photo of an interior with electrical cords coming out the wazoo? Didn’t think so. To make your home (and mind) feel clear, hide everyday eyesores like power strips, routers and laptop chargers by thinking vertically. Manage your electrical cords by purchasing desks with shelves for power strips (like this Akron St. Draper Desk [$485]), attach cords to the back or bottom of your desk with these Blue Key World Cable Clips ($10) or create a charging station drawer. There are so many ways to hide cords, and you can get as creative as you like! (via The Design Chaser)


11. Set the tone with soft lighting. In addition to installing dimmer switches to set a relaxing mood, task lighting (your table and floor lamps) should be warm and atmospheric. To get a soft glow, shop for fabric lamp shades or diffused light lamps. Layer the light with some scented candles, and your space will feel extra intimate and cozy. (via Sara Medina Lind)


12. Make your bed every morning. Listen — you’re an adult now. As tempting as it is to rush out the door in the morning, leaving your bed unkempt is hardly stylish. Making your bed forces you to slow down and set a healthy pace for the day. For more style, splurge on beautiful linen sheets that’ll motivate you to tidy your bed every morning. (via 55 Kvadrat)


13. Treat yourself with matching Turkish towels. Consistency in fabrics like your sheets and towels can make a room look instantly pulled together. Refresh your bathroom with Turkish towels that are extra absorbent and lightweight — perfect for small bathrooms, while big on style. (via Monika Hibbs)


14. Let the outdoors in with florals and plants. With clean, minimalist style, it’s even more important to bring a little bit of life into your space. Think of caring for a plant as a daily exercise in mindfulness. Bonus: Florals and plants instantly create an inviting atmosphere too. (via Luisa Brimble)


15. Add minimal texture. To keep a room from feeling cold or bland, add texture. Shop for soft throws, throw a sheepskin over your desk chair and lay down a fluffy wool rug. Your space will look put-together and cozier than ever. (via Josefin Haag)

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