We are living in a digital world, and, yes, we are digital girls (and boys). But here at Brit + Co., we’re all about bringing our web-centric world to real life… and vice versa, hence our endless search for products and innovations, Kickstarters and Quirky inventions, that can serve up some best of both worlds realness. The latest must-have that unites those wants and needs in both universes is as (seemingly) old-fashioned as they come — a notebook. Meet Mod.

The 7.7” x 5.4” notebook looks like a dreamy Moleskine from the outside. Inside is pretty standard too with pages in plain, ruled or dot-grid. But it’s what happens in the notebook’s afterlife that has our hearts aflutter IRL. Once you fill up Mod with drawings or notes, you send it back to the company using the pre-paid shipping envelope tucked in the back cover. Within five days, they scan and digitize your notebook and either recycle it or return it to you. Your notes now live on Mod’s app and can sync with favorite services like Evernote, OneNote or Dropbox.

Oo, and all of that costs just $25: notebook, delivery, app and magic, er, note-digitizing. You can even keep the hardcopy if you’re all sentimental like that. With Mod, you don’t have to compromise your pen-to-paper preference in the name of “the cloud.” You might even find new life breathed into ideas or drawings you jotted down that you can now email or access from your phone.

Whether you need personal inspiration for your screenplay or professional organization for a design project, Mod might be your new secret weapon. Students could use it to turn a semester of lecture notes into digital documents to share with a study group in preparation for the final. An artist could use it to create a digital portfolio of all of their work. A traveler sans Internet could keep a real diary, then post it once their trip is done. Hey, it’s a model that works for Netflix, right? Maybe Mod is the new binge-reading. And it does come in that orange-y hue…

When it comes to notes, are you a fan of new school or old school methods? Take your pick below!