It’s 7am and you’ve got to get the kids dressed, make lunches, put your makeup on and hustle everyone into the car in the next twenty minutes. It’s a typical morning, and you’re thinking — how can I change my routine to get everyone ready and out the door faster? If you’ve asked yourself this question a million times, look no further! Together with The Quaker Oats Company, we’ve got three time-saving hacks that will cut down on your morning to-do list, give your family the chance to eat a delicious breakfast and get everyone out of the house ready to take on the challenges of the day.

Put Stickers in Their Shoes

When you’re a kid, your right shoe looks just like your left shoe, and often they wind up on the wrong feet. This results in mom taking the reins and putting on everyone’s shoes, which adds time to the morning routine. When it’s time to get out the door, it can be so helpful if the kids put on their own shoes (every minute counts!), but first they need to master which shoe goes on which foot. To help with this lesson, we’ve got a great hack that will instantly get those shoes on the right feet.


All you need is a cute sticker and a pair of scissors.


Cut your sticker in half, then place one half in each shoe, making sure that when the shoes are paired up, the stickers line up to create a whole sticker. This works best with stickers that only fit together correctly one way. We recommend fun images that are clearly recognizable. Abstract designs will be harder for your kids to match.


Such a great hack! No more shoes on the wrong feet :)

Pick Out an Outfit at Night

Choosing an outfit is such a fun activity for your little ones. Not only is it enjoyable, but it’s also creative.


Get their creative juices flowing and let them decide what to wear. Sure, they might make some interesting fashion choices, but they’ll be excited to get dressed in the morning and they’ll exercise their creativity, which we are all for.

Pack Non-Perishables in Their Lunch Boxes at Night

Another time-saver is getting their lunch half packed.


Put the non-perishable items in their lunch boxes the night before. That will cut packing time in half!


Your morning will be smooth as butter with these #morninghacks.

What other tricks do you use to get your kids out the door? Share your tips in the comments!

This post is in collaboration with The Quaker Oats Company.

DIY Production and Styling: Roxy Taghavian

Photography: Chris Andre