You read that right budding nail artists! Nail art is about to get a lot more customizable, colorful, and up-close-and-personal. NailSnaps is a brand new app that turns your photos into nail polish stickers.

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, NailSnaps aims to turn your nails into a new canvas for personal expression. By combining digital photos, drawings and the like with custom-printed nail polish stickers, you can turn your hands into a rotating photo/art gallery. Kind of crazy, right?

It’s as simple as it sounds. First thing to do is design your NailSnaps in the smartphone app. You can create an image that spansacross nails, or pick and choose different images for each finger. You can pull from your camera roll, take photos on the spot, or import from Instagram. Press order, and you’ll get your printed stickers in the mail straight from their manufacturing facility in LA. Finally, apply those nail stickers! No dry time, no heat and no waiting around. Amazing. Once applied, NailSnaps stickers stay in tact for about a week.

For a pledge of $20, you can be first on the list to wear your very own set of NailSnaps. That’s cheaper than a lot of manicures — so, we’re in!

What do you think of NailSnaps? Have you ever used nail polish stickers? Talk to us in the comments below.