Today we got one step closer to living the movie Smart House.


Nest, a long time innovator of home innovations, launched some new products today that will not only trick out your home but also make it safer. The newest of these products is the Nest Cam ($199), a camera that gives you insight into what’s going on in your home even while you’re away. At 1080p, Nest Cam has a higher resolution than other cams on the market and connects with your smart phone or tablet to let you zoom in on live footage of your home. It also streams the footage to the cloud so you can review it later (if, for example you always wondered what your cats did all day).

Nest Cam comes with built-in speakers so you can use your voice to interact with what you see happening remotely (if say, the same cat was on the couch you could yell at it to get off even if you’re sitting in your office miles away). This cam gives you eyes on your home and valuables 24/7 no matter where you are.


Nest also launched updates to their existing products Nest Protect and Nest Learning Thermostat. The Nest Protect is a smart smoke detector that can be managed via your mobile device. The second gen Nest Protect can detect both fast and slow moving fire and smoke giving you even more protection. Have you ever unplugged your old smoke detector in frustration because it freaks out every time you leave the Hot Pockets too long in the microwave (because admit it, every now and then you sneak a Hot Pocket)? The Nest Protect is smart enough to avoid freakouts —the technical term is “nuisance alarms” — like these. If you’re in the living room and something like this happens, the Nest Protect will give you a heads up by making a low sound and sending a push notification to your phone. If you get that notification and realize that a) it’s not really a fire and b) your Hot Pocket is done, you can turn off the alarm from your phone and then go enjoy your snack. Blow on it first though, those suckers are like lava in the middle.


For the eco conscious among us, Nest has the Learning Thermostat which allows you to adjust your home temperature via a mobile device. The thermostat also has the ability to learn your preferences so it can know after time that you like the fan on in the morning and the heat on at night. It also coordinates with the weather and will adjust the temperature of your house, or even certain over exposed-rooms accordingly. This kind of smart technology can cut your energy bills drastically. Some utility companies even offer rewards for people who use this one.


Between these three products you have a really tech savvy and safe home. No word from Nest as to when they’re going to roll out those cool replicator microwaves from Star Trek but I can only assume that is the logical next step.

What kind of products would you want in your dream Smart Home? Tell us in the comments or tell your thermostat to do it for you!