When it comes to emailing, subject lines, salutations + signatures are so yesterday. What WhatsApp did for texting, a new Microsoft app is looking to do for emails. That’s right, get ready for your email chains to get a whole lot more informal.

microsoft send app

Send is the latest app to come out of Microsoft Garage, the tech company’s project lab. Currently available to DL for free on iOS devices, with a version for Microsoft Phones + Androids coming soon, the app is built for “brief, snappy communications.” Essentially, Send takes the hassle out of emailing and makes it a simple in-and-out activity c/o no subject lines, salutations or signatures.

With Send, you’re able to shoot coworkers quick, short notes to efficiently get replies as if you are texting back and forth, no matter which email service you prefer. The app was designed to solve that more-often-than-not problem of only having a coworker’s email address but not their number or an IM app to quickly send them a message on. Now you won’t have to worry about having every avenue of their contact info to get ahold of them, exchange that info and get on with your day.

microsoft send app

Best part is, to keep you from stressing about inbox [enter ridiculously high number here], only messages that start in Send will appear in the app, not your entire backlog. But these messages will sync with your email server, so once you check your email at the office, that tally may rise. Regardless, happy text-emailing ;)

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