Nick Lachey and Donnie Wahlberg Are Teaming Up to Make a Show About Boy Bands
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Nick Lachey and Donnie Wahlberg Are Teaming Up to Make a Show About Boy Bands

The ‘90s was a special time in our hearts: We loved the food, the beauty trends and, of course, the boy bands. While versions of the magical groupings can still be seen today (RIP, 1D), they somehow just seemed better in the ‘90s (here’s 63 reasons why).

Former boy banders Donnie Wahlberg of New Kids on the Block and Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees apparently agree, and want to help us relive that magic: which is why they’ve both signed on to create a TV show about members of a boy band that reunite 20 years later. Eee!

Fresh off his own reunion tour with the rest of his band, Nick, who has “become friendly” with Donnie in recent years, signed on to do the project after the two reportedly “compared notes about how different their lives are today as grown men with children than in their pop star heydays.”

With Donnie’s brother Mark Wahlberg seeing massive success with Entourage, a show said to be based on his own experiences with fame, Donnie tapped the show’s creator, Doug Elin, to aide him and Nick with their own project, aptly titled Encore.

So will there be any RL boy bander cameos? We can’t say for certain, but given Entourage’s own knack for its revolving list of guest stars, we’re going to guess in the affirmative.

Even Nick’s wife, Vanessa Lachey, is pumped, sharing the above photo to her Instagram page and writing, “Proud of this guy! Annnnnd my inner teenager is super duper excited! #NKOTBForever #DreamTeam #Trifecta.”

What, no #98Degrees4Lyfe? (Kidding.)

Congratulations, Nick and Donnie — we can’t wait to watch!

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