Sometimes our thighs are like that one annoying couple you always see in the park. They’re all over each other constantly, rubbing, hugging, chilling super closely, and it’s like “thighs, get a room.” And when they do get a room, AKA a new pair of jeans, their love cannot be stopped! They go at it like lady and the tramp trying to get to the middle of a spaghetti noodle until they finally rip a hole in our pants to begin their friction anew. It’s like separated lovers reuniting — it would be romantic if it didn’t hurt like heck!

Summer can be a bummer for those of us with no thigh gap as sundresses/shorts + sweat = CRITICAL MASS OF THIGH RUBBAGE. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips for everyone who ever rocked no-gap thighs in the pursuit of cute summer fashion.

1. Deodorant: Because why should your armpits have all the fun? Stick deodorant (go for a more natural kind, like this Tom’s version, $7) can soak up thigh sweat so they have less friction.

2. Thigh-High Stockings: This is easily the sexiest way to avoid thigh rubbing. If your thigh-highs have a lace or other fancy border on top, the lace will rub together instead of your sensitive thigh meat. Or if it’s too hot to wear full stockings, check out these cool Bandelettes ($16) which are like garters that will do the same job.

3. Powder: Baby powder is used so the kid’s bum doesn’t chafe with the diaper, ergo it will keep your thighs from chafing as well. If you want to be super fancy you can buy other kinds of powder (Lush has a fun one [$8]) or anything else that helps soak up sweat and prevent rash. Also, as one of our favorite bloggers at put it, “I feel like a fancy Victorian prostitute with really good toiletries,” so there’s that to look forward to.

4. Athletic shorts: Having even a thin layer between your thighs can reduce your pain. Take a cue from athletes like bikers and runners who have to deal with major friction because of their sport. Most of them wear compression shorts (these from Fableta run in sizes XXS – XXL for $35), which are slim-fitting and can fit discretely under skirts or dresses. They can also help you avoid Elizabeth Olsen-style wardrobe malfunctions on windy days.

5. Darn your jeans: When it comes to jeans, we say DARN IT! Darning is the process of sewing over holes in fabric (and those stringy parts of worn jeans). This method can help reinforce the fabric and prevent full-on tearing. We’d still fork over a bunch of cash to the person who invents jeans with already-reinforced thighs, but might as well darn while we wait.

What are your tried-and-true tips for getting your thighs through summer? Share below!