We’ve all been there: you’re out and about looking great when all of a sudden someone tells you your fly is down (which means its probably been down for at least an hour) or your skirt is tucked into your underwear. Wardrobe malfunctions can be embarrassing, but let’s face it, they’re not the end of the world. One celeb who recently had a sartorial mishap was the always stunning Elizabeth Olsen. While posing for photos outside an event for Miu Miu in Paris, Elizabeth was hit with a gust of wind and unintentionally channeled a little Marilyn Monroe.

As the breeze came her way it blew up her navy blue skirt and revealed a pair of nude colored underwear. While it may have been unexpected, Elizabeth definitely took the accident in stride. With an emoji-level expression on her face, she used her clutch to weigh down the skirt and laughed the whole thing off.

Miu Miu Club Launch of the First Miu Miu Fragrance andCroisiere 2016 Collection - Outside Arrivals

If you don’t feel like you’d pull off the wardrobe malfunction quite as gracefully as Elizabeth’s, here are a few precautions you can take:

1. Use curtain weights. Take a hint from the Queen Elizabeth who has curtain weights placed inside the lining of her outfits. One of the Queen’s favorite couturiers admits that he always uses the home decor weights when creating garments for the Queen. For an option that doesn’t take a lot of sewing skills to apply, try these weights which can be stitched on to the bottom of a hem just like a like a button.

2. Wear a pair of seamless shorts. This works just as well today as it did in middle school. To avoid a noticeable hemline go for a seamless option like these from Zappos ($16).

3. Wear a cross body bag. Wearing a purse that falls just below your hips will weigh one side down which will make for an easier recovery if one side begins to fly up.

What’s your style secret to wearing a skirt in windy weather? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photo via Pierre Suu/Getty)