Luggage as a fashion statement has fully become a thing. Agree or disagree, the travel essential isn’t just a glorified box for your goods anymore. It can be as stylish of an accessory as any other part of your ensemble. Taking a cue from the minimal, practical and much sought after Away Luggage comes another luggage launch you should care about: Paravel.


While Paravel doesn’t come with a USB charging port like Away does, it makes up for what it lacks in tech convenience with endless style points. Consider Paravel the Everlane of the luggage industry. The ultra-clean designs and luxurious materials should come in a price point fit only for those first class flyers. But because they’ve gone for a direct-to-consumer approach, they’re able to sell the pieces with a reasonable price tag attached.

The brand just launched this week with a collection of 10 stunning products. A few standouts include: an ultra-chic carry-on, a fully collapsible overnight bag, a trio of packing cubes, a crossbody bag for when you’re out adventuring and leaving your bigger pieces back at the Airbnb and a memory pouch for your fragile possessions.


All the pieces are all comprised of a cotton canvas exterior and Italian leather accents. In a note about the materials, the founders Indre Rockefeller and Andy Krantz write, “Cotton canvas served generations of explorers as sailcloth and tents. Modern life has different needs — more spills, less sailing — so we reinvented this material to outperform the everyday.” They’ve updated the material to be waterproof, spill-proof and, subsequently, travelproof.

All the pieces come in four color options: red, blue, green and a golden yellow. Slowly invest in a few pieces that are all the same color for a monochromatic look, or seriously spice up your next trip across the globe with a rainbow-assorted collection of travel accessories. It’s a luggage line you can customize to suit your mood.


The most expensive piece in the line is “The Grand Tour” weekender, coming in at $345. The cheapest, at $45. It’s a hefty sum, but remember, luggage is one of those investment sort of pieces. It should last a lifetime. Also, Christmas is just around the corner… just sayin’. Head to Paravel’s site to shop the pieces now or add them to your not-so-secret holiday wish list on Pinterest.

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(Photos via Paravel/Getty)