We’ve never seen a diffuser like this before, but it may be all the rage soon enough. Backstage at NYFW’s fall shows, Fashionista writer Cheryl Wischhover noticed these balloon-like poufs on the ends of all the stylists’ hair dryers. It’s the Japanese Y.S. Park Ion Diffuser, and it turns your blow dryer into a whole new tool. And we found out just what makes it so awesome.


1. It Blocks the Air: You may be asking, “Then what’s the point?” Hot air can cause curly hair to frizz. Beyond that, it dries out all hair types. This diffuser is capped with a titanium and silver mesh screen which blocks the air but still emits the heat.


2. It Amps the Shine: When you’re using a blow dryer to smooth your hair, the fact of the matter is, it’s not really the air that’s taming your locks anyway. It’s the heat. Heat loosens materials like wax to make them more pliable and relaxed, and it does the same for your hair. By blocking the air and bringing the heat, this diffuser is giving you the best thing that could ever come out of your blow dryer.


3. It’s Convenient: With the bungee cord base, the diffuser fits easily on any dryer for simple styling. Also, it’s collapsible, so it’s easy to take with you in any overnight bag. No more sacrificing style for bag space on your travels.

You can be just like the NYFW stylists for prices ranging from $28-$60 on the Y.S. Park Ion Diffuser.

Have you tried this diffuser before? Let us know how you liked it in the comments!

(product images via Dowa International)